This page provides information about what the VPN incorporating as an association would entail. A decision as to whether or not to proceed and incorporate is on the agenda for the last 2015 meeting in November.

The links below are all to information found at the Consumers Affairs Victoria website

What is an incorporated association?

Differences between being incorporated or not

What's involved in registering

What's involved in running an incorporated association

Fees and forms

Penalties for various infringements

If we incorporated we would need to form a management committee and have the following office bearers; president, vice-president, secretary (responsible for much of the day-to-day running of the association) and treasurer (who would manage the accounts).

If we adopted the model rules (recommended; copy available here) then costs would be as follows:

- initial setting up: $34

- ongoing costs (for lodging annual statement): $54.40 per annum